Katharina Hesse is a Beijing-based photographer who has worked throughout Asia for two decades. Her work primarily focuses on China’s social concerns among them youth and urban culture, religion and North Korean refugees. Ms. Hesse has traveled on assignment to Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and the Philippines. Ms Hesse is fluent in Chinese, English, French and German. 

Ms. Hesse began her work in Asia as an assistant for German television (ZDF). In 1996, she started working in Newsweek’s Beijing bureau and subsequently participated in numerous cover projects. In 2003 she moved to Getty Images. She’s been freelancing for the past 8 years and work has been featured in various publications including:  

Burn, Capital magazin, Courrier International, Courrier Japon, Der Spiegel, D della Repubblica,, EYEmazing, FT Magazine, FT ( UK & Germany), Zeit Magazin, Glamour(Germany), IO Donna, Die Zeit, Marie-Claire, Le Monde,Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Monde 2, Manager Magazin ( Germany) , Neon ,Ode Pez, , Reporters without borders ( yearbook 2010, Germany), Stern, Time Asia, Vanity Fair ( Italy & Germany) and Wired (Italy). 

Monographs :  

-"Human Negotiations" , Katharina Hesse & Lara Day 

Three Shadows Publishing, 2011, China 

The following represent some of the additional exhibitions and photography festivals at which her work has been shown: 

2014 : 

-March 16-Aug. 18, 2014 : Invisible Migrations, Alice Austen House, NY, USA 

2013 :  

-Moving Walls 20, Open Society, NY, USA 

-DokFoto, Oslo, Norway 

2011 : "Human Negotiations", Three Shadows photography Art Centre, Beijing, China 


- "Arles in Beijing " (Caochangdi Photo spring), April 17-21, 2010, China 

-" LAND- country life in the urban age", Noorderlicht Fotofestival, Sept- Oct. 2010, The Netherlands 

-" One Step forward, two steps back", SKUK Gallery, Ljubljana, ( International Festival of Contemporary Arts), 2010, Slovenia 

-8th Art Festival, Aleppo, Oct.6-17, 2010, Syria 

-Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan, France, 2002; 

-the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,2007; 

-the Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia;, 2006 

-“Road Trips” David Alan Harvey at LOOK3 June 2008, USA; 

-Chobi Mela V, Bangladesh 2009; 

-Noorderlicht Fotogalerie “Summer of Love”, July-August 2009, 

-Noorderlicht Fotofestival; “Pursuit of Happiness”, September 2009, The Netherlands. 

corporate clients ( among others) : 




Deutsche Bank 

Credit Suisse 

The Gap 

The Discovery Channel 

The History Channel